Easy Home Improvements for Spring

Spring is top selling season, and it is the perfect time to update and improve your home for a quick sell. Mid-March to mid-April is the best time to hang the sale sign nationally, with homes selling 15% faster and for 2% more than the average sale, according to Zillow.  Want to be ready?  This list includes affordable and practical home improvement projects that are sure to increase your home’s market value whenever you decide to sell.

 1.    Spruce up the Kitchen

Good kitchens sell houses. While a complete kitchen remodel can seem daunting, simple fixes such as replacing your sink and updating your faucet, or a fresh coat of paint on cabinets are worth the effort. If you have a little more money in your budget, updating countertops to quartz is a great investment. Quartz is the new alternative to granite, and will be well worth your money and time when you go to sell your home.

2.    De-Clutter

Clean, organized spaces are absolutely essential to selling a home quickly. And will guarantee top dollar for your property.  From new shelving options to closet organizers, de-cluttering will help you feel more at home in your space while allowing potential homebuyers to visualize the home they may create for themselves in your space.

3.    Energy Efficient Upgrades

There are numerous upgrades and remodels you can do to make your home more energy efficient, but the result is the same, increased home value. Sealing doors and windows can insulate your home during winter months, and keep cold air in during the summer. If you’re able to spend more money, replacing old windows with energy efficient ones is an excellent solution.  Upgrading to a tank-less water heater or new HVAC system is sure to pay off not only in energy savings but in dollar signs as well when you sell.

Wherever you decide to invest, keep these home improvements in mind this Spring.