How Real Estate Found Sarah Milligan

I grew up in a home where real estate deals were being made all the time. My mother was a real estate agent, and I was drawn to houses and homes from a very early age – probably as young as elementary school!  I have memories of my mom on the phone working things out with clients, and she was always busy showing houses and hosting open houses.

My parents also owned several rental properties, so I was exposed to real estate through the investment side as well. But it was as an adult, I really became interested in real estate. It started with me helping friends find houses after my husband and I moved to Nashville. I loved the process of listening to their needs and trying to match them with just the right house. It wasn't long after that, in 2007, I got my real estate license.

I have my M.Ed. and was a teacher prior to having children. Then I stayed home with my children when they were young. After being home for eight years, real estate was a chance for me to work in an area I was interested in and still have some flexibility. What I didn't realize was how much my past experience and my natural gifts would lead to a business that is not only my delight, but full of success stories for my clients.

My husband and I also had some interest in investment properties and thought having an insider in the business made sense.

Although I had no idea what I was getting into at the time, I fell in love with the process of real estate right away. I found that listening to clients and helping them through the process of buying or selling came naturally to me. Personally, my husband and I had bought and sold only two homes when I got my license, but all the years of my mom’s real estate business contributed to my understanding of the process.

I was fortunate to have a lifetime of training to be an agent. Growing up in a home filled with real estate really defines who I am and what I do. Also, my mother was an amazing role model for me. Although she passed away only three years into my real estate career, during the years I had her she was able to impart tons of wisdom and guidance into my practice. Nuggets that speak to what I do each and every day in my business.

Also, I found my temperament fit well with real estate. I am a self-starter, goal-oriented, organized and very motivated by people and their needs.

I find that real estate is very rewarding. Helping someone through the process of finding a house or selling a home and getting them all the way to closing is fun for me! With every transaction, something goes wrong or is a challenge. But I love solving problems, so although I dislike when things go wrong, I love figuring out what to do to fix the problem and move toward the goal of buying or selling.

And the more experience I get in real estate, the more tricks I have up my sleeve to help figure things out.  Since 2007 I have helped over 200 people buy or sell their homes.  And my husband and I have personally been involved in 16 different real estate transactions. 

This experience along with all the life experience I picked up through the years, makes real estate a perfect fit for this Nashville girl!