Making the Decision to Move: The Pros and Cons

Our world changes pace at a breathtaking speed. It used to be common that you bought a home and you lived in it until you died. Not so anymore! More and more American move on a more frequent basis than any generation before them.

Despite this cultural shift, making the decision to move or not is a huge one, not to be taken lightly. Sometimes you might be forced into move when a dream job is accepted in another city. But sometimes the harder choice is selling and changing homes in your same city. Especially in housing markets like Nashville is currently experiencing.

Moves happen because of spacing issues, school districts, proximity to work or a desired community. Whatever the reason you’re considering a move within your city, here are some pros and cons to consider.

Pro #1: Get something you really desire.

If you’ve dreamed of being walking distance to work or have always wanted a picturesque cottage, this is your chance to find a new home to fit your changing needs.

Con #1: Trying to find what you desire.

If you decide to move for your dream house or location, remember, in a hot housing market it could be harder to find or land what you desire. And factoring in that you might sell your home far faster than you can get an offer accepted on a new home can add some stress. You might face some ups and downs in the search, but with the right agent, they’ll help guide you through the process.

Pro #2: Moving, even if you are gaining more space, is a natural time to declutter.

As you pack up, you naturally go through closets and cabinets and throw out or shred old papers, you get rid of the pants that don’t fit anymore, and giveaway the knick-knacks that have collected dust in a box. It feels good to let go of things you no longer need or want. It is a fresh start.

Con #2: Moving is a lot of work.

If you decide to move, you face a long road of hard work. Decluttering, deep cleaning, packing, painting, and any other work around the house that needs to be done takes a lot of time and effort.

Pro #3: The chance to make a new house your home.

Where we live factors into our memories and it matters. We spend many years in our house, and you want to feel a sense of home. Sometimes if two families have come together as one, a new house allows new memories to flourish. Other times, because of death or divorce or an empty nest makes a house too painful to remain in, and a new home allows space for fresh, less painful memories.

Con #3: Leaving the memories you hold in a home can be hard.

If you are need to upgrade your space because your kids are getting older and needing more space, it can be emotionally difficult to leave the home where you brought your children home for the first time or saw them take their first steps. Find ways to honor the memories of this home by talking about it as a family.

No matter why you’re considering a move in town, or even if you want to explore the idea of what it would mean to sell and buy in the current Nashville market, let’s chat more about the pros and cons and see what tips the scales.