Neighborhood Profile: Belle Meade

Belle Meade is located in Davidson County on the western side of Metro Nashville. Only about 3.1 square miles, its borders include on the eastern side, Lynnwood Boulevard, and Highway 70S to the west, while the north and south borders are Woodmont Boulevard and Chickering Lane, respectively.

History and What It Has to Offer

While Belle Meade became an official part of Nashville/Davidson Count in 1963, it remains an independent city. Belle Meade elects its own mayor and keeps its own police force. You’ll notice that all street signs in the city of Belle Meade has signage unique to it, compared to the rest of Davidson County.

Originally, Belle Meade was part of John Harding’s vast 5300-acre Belle Meade Plantation. With Belle Meade meaning “beautiful meadow,” and while it is no longer sprawling, open land, it is a beautiful neighborhood, steeped in the history of Nashville.

In 1904, 2200 parcels of the acreage was sold off and earmarked for residential development—many of the historic homes of today. You can still see the Belle Mead mansion as well as most of the outbuildings as it is now a museum.

What to Expect if You Buy in Belle Meade

The per capita income of Belle Mead is the highest in the state of Tennessee and amongst the highest in the country, which reflects in the prices in the homes for sale. As a resident of Belle Meade, you’ll pay both Metro Nashville and Belle Meade city taxes. Because of the additional taxes, sprawling lots, and historic, well-cared for homes, expect to see the highest real estate prices in the Belle Mead neighborhoods.

With large yards, low crime, and highly graded public schools, you and your family have access to Nashville and Belle Meade’s rich history and present amenities. Including easy access to Percy and Edwin Warner Park’s, an outdoor oasis in the midst of a bustling city.