Neighborhood Profile: East Nashville

Declared “Nashville’s coolest neighborhood” by Vogue Magazine, East Nashville has long been the trendy and “it” neighborhood in Nashville. It is a large swath of Nashville with the Cumberland River as its eastern boundaries with E. Trinity Lane and Gallatin Pike to the west. It got its name for a very simple reason – because it is to the east of the Cumberland River.

Made up of a variety (more than a dozen!) little neighborhoods nestled within East Nashville like Historic Edgefield or Shelby Village, East Nashville is known for its diverse population with many young urbanites coming in and rehabbing the old and historic homes that dot the area. It often attracts visual artists and musicians because of its distinct and low-key vibe.

History and What It Has to Offer

East Nashville is well-known for its neighborliness, forged through the trials of its past. When sparks from a home fire set a mill on fire, causing a great fire in 1916. It swept through the East Nashville area and destroyed over 500 homes. A mere 17 years later, in the late winter of 1933, a spring tornado tore through East Nashville neighborhoods, damaging over 1400 homes, 16 churches, 36 stores, factories, and schools.

These two disasters not only showed the spirit and concern for their neighbors that East Nashville continues to show for each other. It also imprinted the architecture after two new rebuilds from major disasters.

If you are a lover of Queen Anne architecture, bungalows, or cottages, East Nashville offers exactly what you’ll love. And the area caters to the young family and young professional with a plethora of parks, including the Shelby Bottoms Greenway. With over 810 acres of park running along the Cumberland River, a splash pad, and 13 miles of paved and mulched trailways, you can spend a lot of time at Shelby Bottoms and feel like you are in a brand-new park each time.

What to Expect if You Buy in East Nashville

If you are looking to buy in East Nashville, spend time exploring the smaller neighborhoods nestled within the boundaries of East Nashville for the unique vibe you are looking for. If you prefer to walk or bike places instead of using your car, East Nashville actively plans more for pedestrian traffic than car traffic. More and more, you can get around your favorite parts of East Nashville on two feet or two wheels.

Because of East Nashville’s popularity, be prepared for a lot of competition when trying to buy a home. Work with a trusted real estate agent to help you get what you desire and stay within your budget!