Neighborhood Profile: Midtown

Many cities have an area called midtown, but for over the past decade, the Midtown neighborhood in Nashville has transformed from a mainly business district into one of the hippest areas in town. The neighborhood boundaries are narrow, lining Broadway and Division and ending at Vanderbilt University.

History and What It Has to Offer

When Nashville began to grow in the late 00’s, the Midtown neighborhood experienced an injection of high rise condo plans and the shape of the area expanded from merely business to residential and business. In its relatively small area, you’re able to walk to the 30+ bars and restaurants in the area, including places in Hillsboro Village, the Gulch, and parts of downtown.

Because of the nearby universities, you’ll find a blend of the college student and professional playing the Midtown area. All enjoying an active nightlife scene with the option of walking out your front door to one of the many eateries and bars.

Midtown Nashville boasts a mix of authentic Nashville roots with the modern Nashville it is becoming, and Midtown is home to some different Nashville celebrities, including Taylor Swift.

What to Expect if You Buy in Midtown

The Midtown area has grown from a largely business district into a mix of high rise condos, hotels, restaurants, and business. If you want a taste of the urban life, but you aren’t ready to commit to the downtown area, Midtown is a perfect place to land.

You have the high rise life, with many professionals and college students, along with easy access to the amenities of both downtown and the suburbs, as well as alternatives to driving. Some of the most well-known condo buildings are the Adelicia and The Rhythm. Because of its history, you won’t find many traditional homes in the Midtown area, but if you enjoy the amenities of condo living, you will find them in abundance here.  

I’m always here to assist you as you navigate the Nashville housing market – whatever neighborhood you choose.