Neighborhood Profile: The Gulch

The Gulch lives in Nashville’s southwest downtown corner. Bordered by Broadway, Interstates, 24, 40, and 65, it is easy to get anywhere in town or out with quick and easy access to major Nashville thoroughfares.

History and What It Has to Offer

The Gulch is pulsating with life, sandwiched between bustling downtown Nashville and historic Music Row, The Gulch offers a whole lot of what the city of Nashville is all about – community and music with a more industrial, urban feel.

If you enjoy walkability to work, restaurants and live music, the condos, town homes and residences in The Gulch offer easy access to downtown and historic music venues like the Station Inn, Union Station and Mercy Lounge.

On February 17, 2009, The Gulch made history by becoming the first US southern neighborhood to earn the LEED Green Neighborhood certification. Additionally, they were only the fourth in the nation at the time of their certification. Being LEED certified means it is a neighborhood model that creates and upholds sustainability, like walkability to work and other amenities or easy access to public transportation. In fact, if you live in The Gulch, over 6100 jobs are within a half mile walk around you, along with other walkable amenities like the post office, gym and super markets.

What to Expect if You Buy in The Gulch

If you look to buy in The Gulch, you’re paying for the location and easy, walkable access to amenities. Most residences to purchase are condos or townhomes with amazing views of the city. The higher you get, the better the views. But if you really want a single family home, it is not the neighborhood to find it. Your typical neighbors in The Gulch will be single or married without children with a love for green living and highly value walkability to most amenities.

The Gulch’s urban industrial feel creates a unique and distinctive vibe. Spend some time around The Gulch – at night and on the weekends and for lunch during a workday, to get a feel for the community you are looking to move into!