Neighborhood Profile: The Nations

With 596 new people on average landing in the Music City per week, it is no wonder old Nashville neighborhoods are revisited and experiencing major facelifts. It is happening all over the city. Including neighborhoods like Woodbine, Germantown, and areas like East Nashville and the 12th South area.

Following the trends and buying in the midst of transition can have great payoffs. You pay less for a house in the “it” neighborhood and you get to be a part of creating the vibe of the new neighborhood.

The Nations is a nine-block stretch of homes bordered by 51st Avenue North, Charlotte Avenue, and Centennial Boulevard that is in the midst of a huge change and is attracting many new home buyers.

History and What It Has to Offer

Once a very industrial part of Nashville, The Nations neighborhood is experiencing a new growth boom with new restaurants and shops taking up residence on its flat and walkable streets. The area is rich with a long history. In fact, the name “The Nations” came to the area before even the colonization of America. Native American tribal councils and nations all met in this location to talk and communicate with each other. Although, others believed the area to be nicknamed The Nations because of the state names used for the streets, while others say it is because of the diversity of the neighborhood.

The landscape of the 51st Avenue North area seems to be changing rapidly with the new businesses and eateries popping up, along with 5000 new homes built in the area in the past six years. Many developers have bought an old home, and replaced it with two or three new homes on the lot.

What to Expect if You Buy in The Nations

With many new projects and construction underway, the changes coming will certainly make it a more walkable neighborhood. Along with the new walkability factor, it is only five miles from downtown Nashville, which appeals to many young professionals and families, looking for a shorter commute time, along with a neighborly, walkable feel. It is the hip, fun, and affordable neighborhood on trend in Nashville.

While there is a lot of construction and new “tall and skinny” homes popping up, there is still a healthy mix of older homes and industrial blending with the new, which adds charm and depth to the neighborhood. It has lesser rates of crime comparatively to other parts of Davidson County, and the median home price is roughly $321,000, although you can still find older homes more affordably in The Nations.

Whatever neighborhood you end up in the greater Nashville area, it will have its own unique flavor and life. Spending time visiting a neighborhood – going for walks, checking out local eateries, and shopping in local shops all help you get a feel for the area you are considering buying your home in and will help you decide what neighborhood is best for you.