Neighborhood Profile: Woodbine

The Nashville real estate market is one of the hottest markets in the US. It is not uncommon for me to negotiate in a multiple offer situation for a client. (Always better if you are the seller and not the buyer!)

The Woodbine Neighborhood is one of the top five fastest growing neighborhoods in the greater Nashville area and one to consider in our growing real estate market. Home prices are some of the fastest rising in the city, new businesses are opening, new house construction is happening, and churches are being planted. The signs show the rising star of Woodbine.

The Woodbine Area: History and What It Has to Offer

First settled in the 1700s, the area was originally called Flatrock. The name Woodbine came later after a big estate located in the area off of Nolensville Road. Woodbine is the neighborhood just southeast of downtown and bordered by Nolensville Road, Thompson Lane, Glenrose Ave, and I-440. Within 10 minutes you can be downtown or to the airport, Green Hills or 12 South. It is as convenient of a location as you could ask for in urban Nashville.

As the neighborhood grows, so are the fun “mom & pop” shops that make a neighborhood unique. Shops like The Red Bicycle Coffee and Crepes recently opened. Not only do you have newer shops and restaurants opening, you’ll find many ethnic grocery stores and restaurants, as Woodbine is one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods of Nashville. It is these elements that create a sense of community and neighborly feel in Woodbine. It draws you in and helps you want to plant your roots deeply.

What to Expect if You Want to Buy in Woodbine

If you are house searching, Woodbine has a lot to offer you in the varieties of homes and more affordable pricing in a hot market. If you feel shut-out price wise of a home in the 12 South or East Nashville Neighborhoods, Woodbine offers much the same neighborhood feel with housing priced for a tighter budget. Many of your neighboring homes would be filled with many young families, Vandy students, and single young professionals.

With such early roots, the Woodbine Neighborhood boasts some of the 1920s and 30s-era homes of Victorian and Craftsman styles, bursting with charm. But a large chunk of the homes are post-WWII cottage style homes. Mixed in you have some new construction. And most homes are on large lots with big trees, for lots of fun outdoor time.