Newsflash: How to Find a Simpler Life in a Busy World

It’s something we hear joked about often in our 24-7, ultra-busy world – “I’m going to move off the grid.” We laugh about it, but often there is a hint of longing for a simpler way of life.

While most of us aren’t really cut out for truly living off the grid (no online footprint, credit cards, or trash service), we do look for ways to find a simpler, less complicated life. This is why we are seeing a huge desire for communities that provide walkable amenities and easy public transportation to our jobs. If you are looking for a few ways to simplify your home and life, read on for a few suggestions:

1. Say No.

It is never easy to say no to more activities and projects, but if we don’t evaluate and prioritize, we’re like the proverbial Energizer Bunny. We keep going and going. Without adequate down time, we don’t have the necessary time to recharge and connect us with what matters.

2. Declutter Your Stuff.

You don’t have to live a Spartan lifestyle to enjoy a declutter life. You simply don’t need to feel every piece of space with stuff. Let go of things you don’t wear or use anymore. Do a spring and/or fall cleaning and decluttering. Challenge yourself and family members to each get rid of a certain number of items. You’ll find less stuff gives you back time from the cleaning and maintenance of the stuff.

3. Declutter Social Media. 

In the course of our lives, we will spend an average of five to seven years of our lives on social media. The average person currently gives away two hours of their day to social media. Simplify your life and regain time by deleting social media apps from your phone, restrict the amount of time you spend on social media each day (you can set a time if you’d like), choose to use only one social media too than five. You can also choose the route of a simple cellphone that allows calls and texting and picture taking, if you want a more radical step in simplifying your life.

4. Consider a Move. 

For some people, the constant noise and lights and traffic of city life is overwhelming. The peace and simplicity of country living is appealing to many folks. The clean air and invaluable time regained from less time sitting in traffic.

If you’re looking for a simpler, less busy life, my current listing in Fernvale will allow your family space to enjoy nature, quiet, and each other in your every day.

Warmly,  Sarah Milligan