Newsflash: Nashville Vs. Memphis; A Good-Natured Rivalry. Where the Tables Have Turned

Music City versus the Bluff City just saw some seismic shifts.

Good-natured rivalries are the spice of life, right? A Vols vs. Vandy game. Coke vs. Pepsi. Nashville vs. Memphis…

For a while, Memphis seemed to have it all over its Nashville neighbor, 200 miles to the northeast. Graceland. Ikea. Beale Street. Most populous Tennessee city.

Well, Nashville is catching up – Ikea has announced it will be opening a store in Nashville now. And the Tennessee census numbers released in May 2017, show that the Metro Nashville area has surpassed Memphis as the largest city in the state of Tennessee. The numbers for Nashville do also include Davidson County because it is a metropolitan government (city and county governments are consolidated), and the numbers for Memphis do not include the greater Shelby County area because they aren’t consolidated.

Nashville’s new reign as Tennessee’s most populous city is unsurprising given its recent and rapid growth. When you parse the census numbers, you’ll find that on average Memphis began losing 1-2 people per day compared with Nashville that is seeing a couple dozen new folks per day call Nashville home. Resulting in Memphis experiencing a 1300+ population loss from 2015 to 2016, while Nashville gained 6300+ in population for that same time frame

All of this growth and change is changing everything about our city and state – from traffic to housing prices to new business. If you are looking to buy and/or sell in Nashville, I’d love to help you navigate the challenges and joys of the Nashville real estate market.