Newsflash: Understanding Mayor Barry’s $5.2 Billion Transit Proposal

Last Month Nashville mayor, Megan Barry, announced an expansive $5.2 billion transit plan. As Nashville continues it exponential growth, our city has experienced the good and bad of rapid growth. Most noticeably? Traffic congestion!

  1. Here are the four key components you need to know about Mayor Barry’s plan:

  2. 26 light rail lines to be added, touching every part of our city.

  3. A 1.8 mile downtown tunnel servicing both light rail and bus lines.

  4. Faster improvement to the bus lines, including increased service, more rapid buses, and new electric buses.

  5. Provide free or reduced tickets to those living at or below the federal poverty level.

Naturally, there is both support and dissent for Mayor Barry’s transit plan. $5.2 billion dollars and a project running until the early 2030’s are big considerations to weigh. Understanding how it will impact you and your family – and whether or not it is worth it for your family are important considerations. So, what does this proposal mean for Nashville residents?

  1. Cost. Mayor Barry proposes four tax increases to fund the proposed transit plan.​

  2. ½ percent, then 1 percent, increase in the Nashville sales tax.

  3. Additionally, hiking the hotel-motel tax, rental car tax, and business and excise tax.

  4. Timeline. You’ll be able to jump on the proposed light rail system in 12-14 years. There is a lot of infrastructure to put into place.

  5. Who will decide? Mayor Barry will put forth legislation to the city council in December for a decision if it will be placed on the May 1, 2018, local primary ballot.

Learn more about the plan and future city council discussions here.

Warmly,  Sarah Milligan