Newsflash: What’s Next for Nashville Transit?

Earlier this month, Davidson county residents hit the polls to vote on a transit referendum. The $5.4 billion “Let’s Move Nashville” transit plan was voted down by more than 60% of greater Nashville voters. Whether for or against the referendum, there is consensus on the issues of increased traffic in Nashville. So, you’re probably wondering what’s next or is talk to take on the issue of transit still on the table?

The new Nashville mayor, David Briley, backed the referendum put forth by his predecessor, Megan Barry, issued a statement about finding a new solution that all Nashvillians can agree upon to deal with traffic and continue to make Nashville a competitive urban center in the US.

Some experts say it could be as long as six to eight years before a new plan is on the table, citing the almost five years it took to create the recently rejected plans. But Mayor Briley expresses his determination to listen to those who opposed the referendum and fix the issues voters were concerned about and help Nashville remain an attractive place for new residents and businesses to come to Nashville.