Newsflash: Why Home Staging Still Matters in a Seller's Market

Nashville’s home market continues to forge ahead, breaking new records all the time. In fact, Nashville was just named the hottest US market for single-family home sales. Why would you put time, energy, and money into home staging in one of the hottest seller’s markets in the nation? There are two important reasons that home staging allows me to more effectively market and sell your home – even when it seems like people are clamoring to buy it.

It maximizes the value of your home sale.

When a home is staged and looks like it comes from a designer catalogue, people are willing to pay the asking price or outbid the competition. The return on investment for home staging is high and creates a dream home feel to potential buyers. A buyer who sees a home with good bones is less willing to outbid the competition than the buyer who doesn’t just see a home – but the reality of their dream.

Home Staging shortens the time your home stays on the market.

When potential buyers and realtors are browsing homes to view, people will always choose the one more visually appealing. With more foot traffic, the faster your home will sell. And even in a seller’s market, one day is preferable to one week on the market.

While it might seem frivolous to spend the additional cost of home staging in a seller’s market, it can provide great dividends in the sale of your home.