Simple Does It

In our culture of more, more, more, its no wonder that so many families are looking for bigger homes, new spaces, or remodeling projects to help them feel more at home and comfortable in their space. Yet, countless interior designers and decorators alike are saying it is not the décor or the size of your home that contributes to happiness, it’s your homes cleanliness, simplicity, and order that makes it feel most comfortable. The overwhelming amount of stuff that we think we need, or that fills up our space, inundates us and surprisingly, is the exact thing contributing to our “mess”. So, how do we simplify our stuff this summer? How do we live with less, yet feel at home? These simple steps will help you get started.

1.    Donate. Sell. Trash Or Keep.

Decluttering always starts with three boxes; a donation box, a sell box, and a trash box. As you make your way around a room, you will find things that don’t have a home. Immediately, they must be put in one of the three boxes. You guessed it, if you can’t find a place for it, it has to be donated, sold, or trashed. You choose. Clutter lives everywhere in our homes. Whether old iPhones or sweaters from several years ago, we are creatures of habit and getting rid of things is not our habit. This is the perfect time to clean out and start fresh!

2.    One Room At A Time

Pick a room, or a closet, and focus on one room before moving to the next. Pay attention to what you use in the room and what you don’t. Do you have stacks of papers that are sitting in a corner or a drawer full of miscellaneous items that don’t have a home? What about your bookshelf? These are the places where clutter piles up, and you’ll find many of the items you haven’t touched in years that need to be thrown away, or organized and given a specific home.

3.    Remember that simplifying is a lifestyle

As with anything new, simplifying is a habit, and one that will take time to incorporate into your daily life and routine. Give yourself grace, and remember the long-term goal. Less is more, and having less will allow your home to look and feel clean, organized, and clutter free. And you might find yourself with some extra cash after you’ve sold your extras to purchase an essential you have been wanting (and maybe needing) for a long time!

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