What Qualities Make a Great Real Estate Agent?

Buying a house could be one of the biggest decisions of your life. This being said, it is imperative to find the right real estate agent to match your needs and one who is ready to help you along the journey. Purchasing a new home should feel fun and exhilarating, so it's important to find someone to make your process as smooth as possible. Listed below are five qualities every realtor should strive for.

1. Communication

Communication is KEY- A Great Agent must communicate clearly yet thoroughly in a way that is easy to understand.  Great Agents are also teachers.  So much happens in a real estate transaction and it’s important to make sense of everything going on.  A Great Agent will keep you in the loop through every step of the process.

2. Focus on client’s needs

A Great agent must understand the needs, desires, and pain points for their clients.  What is the primary goal?  A Great Agent listens and accommodates a client’s needs.

3. Be organized, professional and have a plan

For many people, a home is their largest asset, and agents are the professionals hired to guide them through the transaction.   There are a hundred moving pieces throughout the process and a Great Agent must keep things organized, professional and present the client with a sturdy plan of action.

4. Know the market

What good is an agent if they don’t understand the market?  A great agent is up to date and can provide you with all the current info on your city’s local market.  

5. Be a solution-finder and resource center

Let’s face it, real estate buying and selling can be messy.  A great agent must be a creative problem-solver and should have contacts in the community for any issues that may come up with buying or selling a home. Connections are key!