Why Hiring a Real Estate Agent Pays Off for You

Getting ready to sell your home, and weighing the pros and cons of selling without a real estate agent? The additional bite out of your home sale with two agents can make a “for sale by owner” appealing. But the investment you make in a real estate agent helps you in many ways, some more obvious than others.

The case for why you should hire a real estate agent

They’re your best advocate.

When you hire a trusted agent to help you sell your home, you gain your best advocate and cheerleader. They are invested in selling your property at the best price for you.

An agent does much more than just placing a for sale sign in your front yard or post your house online. They work hard to market your home in many different and creative ways.

They bring in their network.

Real estate agents have serious networks! From sharing your home with fellow agents to planning open houses to recommending the best home inspector or loan officer, no one has networks like a real estate agent.

They understand the power of a cookie.

When you collaborate with an agent, they bring all their experiences with them—on what sells a house fast and what the biggest turn-offs to buyers are. They can help you navigate how to prep your home and stage your home to not only sell fast, but to help you get top dollar!

They’re like your honest friend.

You know, the friend who always tells you the truth no matter what but is also always in your corner. An agent will be realistic on what you can list your home for—based on the myriad of contributing factors to consider, like upgrades and comparative home prices in your neighborhood.

They simply know it.

Real estate has many ins and outs to learn. From local, state, and federal laws and regulations to the process of closing to the best ways to negotiate an offer in your favor. And if your agent doesn’t know they answer, you can bet one of their network does!

Your real estate agent should be someone you trust because you place your valuable asset in their hands. And it makes sense to talk with different agents to find the best fit for you. With the right agent by your side, you’ll never regret hiring one. For all your buying and selling needs, my goal as your realtor is to work my best and hardest for you.