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Whether you're Buying or Selling your home, Sarah has a guaranteed

Plan of Action that will give you the Results that you Deserve.




Armed with years of experience, Sarah will help you through the process to become pre-qualified to purchase.

  • Provides names and numbers of lenders you can trust and will coach you in the conversation and questions when approaching your lender.

  • Communicates with the lender, provides information to the lender, and helps negotiate and communicate throughout the lending process.


Sarah will attentively and proactively assist you in finding the right property.

  • Identifies appropriate available properties based on your needs and wants.

  • Sets up automatic e-mails with information on new listings as they  hit the market. 

  • Schedules viewings and walks through homes together.

  • Advises and assists you in making a decision that will be the best fit - which may include re-evaluating criteria, working with your lender, and assessing the affordability and resale value of the property. 


As a detail-oriented and skilled negotiator, Sarah will guide you through making an offer and promises to represent you and your interest during negotiations.

  • Assists you in getting the best property at the best price with the least amount of inconvenience based on current market conditions.

  • Advises you on what comparable properties are selling for so you can make an informed decision when offering a price.

  • Educates you on the contents of the purchase and sale agreement and all of their required paperwork.

  • Helps create a negotiating strategy to achieve your goals.

  • If necessary, prepares you for a multiple offer situation.


Sarah will serve you as your trusted real estate source, through inspections, financing, closing, and all other steps in the process of buying your new home.

  • Recommends inspectors and reviews and discusses any home inspection concerns, including repairs that are to be completed.

  • Assists in coordinating communications between the listing agent, lender, title company, appraiser, and other real estate professionals


Sarah will be your trusted advisor and advocate regarding real estate questions, needs, or concerns.

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